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Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters will be cleaned both inside and out. All the debris is removed from gutters as well as the downspouts so that water can flow freely. The outside its the rinsed off and sprayed with cleaner then scrubbed with a soft bristled brush and rinsed.

Pressure Washing


Our house pressure washing system is safe for all types of surfaces such as vinyl, aluminum,  wood and more. The process includes the application of a cleaner to help remove dirt and debris from the house's surface. The siding is then scrubbed with a soft bristle brush. Finally the house is rinsed.


Your concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk and pool deck are cleaned with a high pressure tool that spins at a very high speed cleaning all the dirt and debris away without ruining the surface. after the concrete is dried a high quality sealer is applied to prevent further dirt and debris from building up. 


Your roof is cleaned with a medium pressure tool that spins at high speed removing the mold and algae  from your shingles without damaging them. A cleaner is applied before the process begins to help loosen the fungus. 


The appropriate amount of water pressure is applied to your decks surface to remove mold and dirt. After the deck has dried to the proper moisture level a contractor grade sealer is applied. This will prevent the wood from splintering and aging.

Carpet Cleaning

Our hot-water extraction method suctions the dirt out of your carpet. This extends the life of your carpet as well as the appearance. It also reduce allergens and pollutants.

Before our visit

  • we ask that you remove any items of value or that are fragile from the room or rooms we will be cleaning.

During the visit

  • we will inspect the areas that need to be cleaned for high traffic areas and largely soiled spots.
  • Discuss the process and answer any questions you may have.
  • we will move furniture carefully out of the way, except very large items.
  • areas of high traffic and heavy soil will be pre-treated
  • the entire area will be cleaned with our hot water extraction process.
  • furniture will be put back.

The carpet machines do remove a lot of the moisture from the carpets, but they still remain damp. Using a few fans in the area will help dry the carpets faster. Make sure to leave all protective pads under furniture till the carpet is dry.  You may walk on your carpet after they are cleaned, but avoid wearing shoes till after they dry . Be very cautious when walking from wet carpet to tiled or wood floors, you may slip.